Elite Digital Advisors Will Guide You Down The Path To Digital

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Your Partner for Digitally Led Change

Elite Digital Advisors (Elite) brings over 100 years of combined experience in the Mortgage and Consulting business to a market thirsty for direction and guidance in moving their lending organization to a new way of doing business…. DIGITAL 

Elite understands the challenges, obstacles and questions you face, what do I do first? Who do I trust to help me? What Vendors provide the best solutions? How will my Operations staff embrace the move, “we’ve been working for years to perfect our workflow, now we’re going to completely disrupt it”.  What about my Loan Officers? “will they adopt a new way of doing business”, if not, my business will suffer.  In addition, “how do I transition to a new way of doing business when my margins have been shrinking? I have a business to run and I cannot risk self-imposed downturn”.  “Operationally, I have to make every possible dollar on each loan, how will this affect personnel?”  “Then, I struggle with governance and compliance, eNotary laws, states all seem to have different views, I don’t have the time or resources to research all the state nuances”. 

The Partners at Elite have heard and answered these questions and many more over the last several years.  Elite brings to Lenders the expertise in the three most critical aspects of taking your organization Digital: Operationally, C- Level counsel and Legal/Compliance.  It’s a team with deep experience in guiding lenders as they move to Digital. 

The mortgage industry is in the midst of Digital Transformation. Are you ready?


The mortgage industry is changing.  New technologies are disrupting the industry.  In order to stay ahead of competition and gain market share, mortgage lenders are evaluating software solutions that provide an improved process and more efficient workflow.  This starts with gaining an understanding of each lenders current situation, then examining the costs and benefits, potential vendors, process flow and technology impact.  The end result is a clear roadmap to the future.


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  • How should I choose the right solutions for my environment
  • What should I do first: Change LOSImplement POS?  Select eClosingplatform?  Select an eVaultprovider?
  • What will improve my borrower experience the most?
  • Will utilizing newer technology increase my costs or save me money?
  • What vendors do I choose?  Who should I trust?
  • Will my LO’s adopt a new way of doing business?
  • We’re so busy, we don’t have time to dedicate to extensive implementations, I don’t have the internal resources to staff a new implementation, how can we do this?   

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We can assist you in developing a strategy that allows you to achieve your short-term and long-term technology goals.We have the knowledge and the experience to recommend a variety of solutions. We will identify vendors that provide a significant benefit to your workflow and overall operations and strategy.

The right TECHNICAL solution requires the right HUMAN element.  Within your organization is a well-organized leader (a “Sponsor”) who will frame positions that will lead to decisions on Who? What? and When? The Sponsor will benefit greatly by having a “right hand”, an “advisor” or a Assistant Coach to brainstorm decisions that will impact the company for years to come.  That is who we are.  

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You Need a Coach

The right TECHNICAL solution requires the right HUMAN element – this person, the sponsor, will make decisions on Who? What? And When? The sponsor will benefit greatly by having a “right hand” or ”Assistant Coach” to brainstorm decisions that will impact the company for years to come. 

Why do I need an advisor?

  • The most common things we hear are:  

“I’m trying to run a business, and I don’t have the time or resources to do the leg work.”

“Every vendor says their product is the best, so who do I trust?”

“How do I know which vendors work well together and the solution I want works as advertised?”

  • The vast majority of mortgage lenders have plenty of expertise in their LOS.
    • They know the features/benefits they like and do not like. 
    • They are well-equipped to evaluate a different LOS. 
    • With POS, eClosing, eNote, eVault,  and other software products, mortgage lenders likely have only a few individuals with relevant experience to assess the strengths weaknesses of those products.

E-Closings Explained

Adopting e-closings for your lending business doesn’t have to be difficult.  Watch this webinar to learn how to make an e-closing initiative a success.

Managing a Successful E-Closing Initiative by Dan McGrew
Watch Dan McGrew in a webinar that details how a lender has set up eClosing
Watch Dan McGrew in a webinar about the benefits of eClosing
Watch Dan McGrew in a webinar about the ROI of eClosings
Watch Dan McGrew explain what is eClosing
Eclosing Implementation Best Practices

Lenders Want a Seamless Experience and Customers Want a Frictionless Process


Point of Sales tools provide the borrower with the ability to use their PC or  smart phone to apply for a loan and receive an approval quickly.

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Provides the borrower with the ability to execute closing documents electronically, thus reducing the closing time significantly and eliminating errors.

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Allows the lender  to produce a higher quality product that moves faster on the back-end and ultimately provides a positive impact on profit margins.

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Why Elite Digital Advisors? 

In Q1 2018 there were less than 600 eNotes registered with MERS eRegistry. One year later, that figure is more than 19,000, almost a 5000% increase.  We have seen first hand how some lenders have transitioned from a primarily manual process to producing eNotes successfully, at a lower cost and we have also witnessed several lenders struggle in implementing and using an eClosing platform.  Elite Digital Advisors has a deep understanding of the digital implementation process and the experience to advise executives in re-engineering their processes on the journey toward Digital transformation.  We provide you with the road map for success.

“Dan Thank you so much for your help with Truliant Federal Credit Union closing electronic mortgage loans. From the very first time we talked, you have offered such great service and advice. You clearly are an industry expert and can explain the process in layman’s terms as well. Your common sense get it done approach helped us tremendously. We would not have been able to obtain all the necessary approvals and execute on an eClosing so quickly and efficiently without your help. I would highly recommend you to any company looking into eClosings. Look forward to many more closings with you”

Beth P. Eller

Vice President Mortgage Lending, - Truliant Federal Credit Union