Our Qualifications

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  • 28 years of software consulting experience and most recently COO/Sr VP of Sales for largest eClosing provider.
  • Significant experience over the last four years in the development and marketing of the POS, eClosing, eNotes, eVault and RON (Remote Online Notary ) process, and influencing the mortgage industry in adoption and LO education.
  • Experience training LO’s and realtors in the use of new software including POS systems and eClosing software.
  • We bring the knowledge of those lenders that have “gotten it right”, what factors made those lenders successful, and the knowledge of those lenders that have struggled and why.
  • 25 years of experience consulting and advising executives with Fortune 500 companies on their journey to re-engineer their operations and improve business workflow.
  • Extremely effective getting all parties( C level, Sr Management and Operations) involved and committed to the same goal. 
  • We bring a very positive, “can do” attitude along with results oriented enthusiasm that is important when change is involved.
  • We succeed when you succeed. We have your best interests in mind with every step we take on your behalf. We will treat your company as our own. 

Dan McGrew

Dan is President & CEO of Elite Digital Advisors.  Prior to founding the company in 2019, he was COO and SVP of Sales at Pavaso.  Dan is on the forefront of electronic closing processes and technology.  His prior life included serving as President of iT Services.  

Dean Inniss

Dean Inniss is the Senior Consultant at Dynamic Strategic Consulting (a company he founded in 2019).  For the last 34 years Dean has been in leadership positions in consumer lending and mortgage banking for several national companies and one regional mortgage bank.  Dean started in branch management, then to sales for national mortgage bank to Area Sale Manager, finally, as President and COO for regional mortgage bank.  Setting the standard for performance in these positions came with the help of terrific mentors, relationship development, constant training, and the drive for excellence. 

Studying martial arts for many years gave Dean the discipline, drive and goal setting skills to lead to success while grooming others to their success.  It also helped keep employees in line……jk 

Dean serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas Mortgage Bankers Assn, the Board of Directors for the El Paso Mortgage Bankers and is active in the national MBA.  Dean is a committee member and fundraiser for the Boy Scouts of America, an active President Society alumni member for the University of Wyomingand he is also working to improve financial literacy in our schools.   

While successfully guiding operations through two of the most trying financial debacles of the last three decades Dean has gained operational expertise, national merger experience, and project management experience with unique perspectives in different regional and economic venues.  Introducing new technologies has been critical to Dean’s success.  Dean’s background in economics has helped guide companies to anticipate and forecast the future. 

Dean has had the honor of helping business partners, employees, meet their professional and personal goals through successful techniques gained during the last 34 years.  Sharing these techniques has been rewarding and fun.  Dean currently consults CEOs of real estate related companies and critical thought process, relationship development and strategic company improvement.  His clients include real estate brokers, land developers, and mortgage banks. 

Mike Riddle

Mike likes to help people solve complex problems. In the regulated world of commercial and residential financial transactions, the complexities are enormous. It’s the world he’s spent my career in. He understands the multitude of layers of regulations, the compliance constraints and relish helping businesses successfully navigate this challenging environment.

Mike’s legal career started in litigation. He had a knack for envisioning end results quickly. With his calm disposition, he questioned and explored options seeking solutions. He found it satisfying turning what was often an acrimonious environment into an agreeable outcome.

With his understanding of mortgage regulations, he focuses on compliance and document preparation service for the mortgage banking industry. He ultimately created a company to support this document preparation business and sold it to Asurity Technologies.

One thing Mike has learned over the years is how to understand and manage change, especially as it relates to people, process and regulatory compliance.

Mike consults with, and provides legal services to, banking and mortgage organizations. He works with chief compliance officers and general counsel to solve issues related to the complex regulations affecting finance law. Furthermore, his business experience enables me to counsel their operation teams about how to implement regulatory compliant processes that improve efficiency and profitability.